Urban myth: Marriages don't last as long as they used to
Finally, some positive news!
As we come to the end of another year, like us you are probably wondering where the time went. Whilst the world may appear more uncertain as we continue to be bombarded by bad news, we thought you might enjoy some much needed positive news. Here, Phil Ruthven, the founder of IBIS World expounds the virtues of data, outlining an evidence-based perspective debunking myths on various topics such as crime, inequality, the ageing population and marriage. We hope you enjoy this short article as much as we did - 5 minutes well spent.
Wal-Mart acquires Jet.com
It’s Never Too Early To Sell!
Larger, more traditional businesses offer the potential for significant capital, distribution and scale to smaller, more agile businesses who bring smarts and IP. As seen this month with Wal-Mart’s record-setting $US3.3b acquisition of the year-old e-commerce retailer Jet.com, large players are not put off by the infancy of a business and are paying for opportunity, expertise and innovation.
Valuing a business
How Acquirers Value Your Business
I was struck by Philip Baker's article in the Financial Review last week entitled 'When a High PE is really a low PE' touching on the mistakes people make valuing businesses. Here I further explore the way acquirers value a private business and how you can ensure you create your own market when selling your business.
Acquisition for SME's
SME Acquisition: Not just for the Big End of Town
Acquiring a business is often considered the preserve of large corporate entities and often this is the case, however we are seeing increasing opportunities for well run and managed small to medium enterprises (SME's) to acquire businesses which can greatly strengthen and enhance their offering.
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