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Entrepreneurship –  What is it? Is it innate? Or must it be nurtured?


Michael McGrath
Published 24 July 2019

Entrepreneurship is a subject among several others which were tackled when I was recently interviewed by Anthony Moorhouse who himself is an entrepreneur and was a client of Oasis for over a decade. We helped Ant from virtually the start-up phase through tremendous growth before helping him successfully exit to a large ASX acquirer in 2015.

After selling, Ant moved to Boulder, Colorado in the US for a few years but is now back in Australia and among other things running a Tech business focused on strategy. He has started a podcast in his spare time called the Antitoxin. Ant is high energy and great value and it was a privilege to help him on his business journey.

Enjoy the back and forth as we share our thoughts on business success and life.


If you would like to hear more of The AntiToxin Podcast, you can listen to it through Podbean.

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