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You’re an expert at running your business,
but are you an expert at selling your business?

We have 500+ business sales and over 35 years’ experience navigating the complexities of M&A. 

Sell your business

Helping you maximise value when you sell your business.

They say that good things come to those who wait, but unfortunately when it comes to selling your business this is often not the case. The process of exiting your business can take several years, and the reality is, if you want the best deal possible, you need to be proactive.

Oasis M&A will provide the unique expertise required to draw in strategic acquirers, leverage competitive tension and manage the flow of information to negotiate the best possible terms of sale. It’s a craft we have spent decades practising and refining – both in our own businesses and for clients.

Selling your business: The Oasis M&A Advantage

Experience that counts

We have over 500 deals & 30 years in the business across dozens of sectors. We draw on that experience to find the right acquirer and negotiate the best outcome for you.

National and global reach

We work with metro and regional acquirers and sellers across Australia. We leverage our global HQ in London and our international network of acquirers and sellers to secure more deal prospects for you.

Lean and efficient

We’re a small, expert team and we focus our energy on the work that delivers results. That means we’re fast to market and cost effective so you get results sooner.

We believe in direct action

We’re on the phone with C-level decision makers seeking interest in your business within a couple of weeks of commencing work with you.

We’re practical and realistic

We’ll give you clear, actionable advice to increase the value of your business and help you implement it while we run your exit strategy.

We do the heavy lifting

We’ll handle your exit strategy and objectively manage leads and negotiations so you can focus on running your business as profitably as possible.

We believe your business is worth more

We believe your business is worth more than just the revenue it generates and we seek strategic acquirers before financial acquirers because they do too.


We have a unique process of approaching the market that protects your identity and avoids the common risk of destabilising your business during the sale process.

We never give up

Your small up-front investment secures our services until you achieve results. We hear ‘no’ a lot, but we persist until we get a ‘yes’.

Contact us for a confidential discussion about how Oasis M&A can help you sell your business. 

Selling your business: the top 10 things to know 


It takes time. You don’t want to be in a rush and forced to settle for a sub-optimal deal. Being strategic & prepared to negotiate in the best environment will ensure you get the best results for you & your business.


Competition: There are more people trying to sell their business than there are acquirers to buy them. You need a competitive advantage to improve your chance of success.


Waiting is not a good idea. The best acquirers are often not proactively looking for you. They will only find you if you approach them.


Selling is not the only option! We have helped many clients step back from daily management of their business while retaining ownership.


Acquirers pay more when they sense demand. The best negotiating leverage is to have multiple interested parties so competitive tension can be leveraged to secure the best terms for you and your business.


Strategic acquirers pay more. The most obvious buyer is often not the best one. While you know your industry inside out, often the best acquirer is someone outside your industry or an overseas buyer planning a strategic expansion.


The world is small in M&A. We have clients selling & acquiring businesses Australia-wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide as well as regional cities such Newcastle, Wollongong, Gladstone & Geraldton. Approximately 40% of our deals involve international acquirers spanning Europe, Asia & the Americas.


An acquirer’s need is often quickly filled in a competitive marketplace. This may only give you only a short window of opportunity to ensure your business is ready to sell and fulfill this need. If you wait until you need to sell, you may miss that critical window.


Selling your business requires very different expertise to running your businessHaving specialist M&A representation can make a substantial impact on your final transaction value and terms of sale.


The standard process used by brokers can damage your business. A strategy that retains your anonymity while directly approaching targeted strategic acquirers avoids the risk of devaluing and destabilising your business.

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