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We believe that your business is worth more
than just the revenue it generates.

 We have 500+ business sales and over 35 years’ experience navigating the complexities of M&A. 

Leaders in private business sales & acquisitions since 1984

At Oasis, we believe respect and trust are at the heart of successful business relationships. Our real-world experience growing and selling our own businesses for over 30 years means we genuinely understand the challenges you face and the guidance you need.

We are passionate about supporting medium enterprises through succession and acquisition in a way that is practical, personalised and results-focused.

Helping you secure the best deal

We are a small, expert team and we focus our energy on the work that delivers results. We help our clients by:

  • Developing a succession plan that meets your needs while remaining adaptable to the market climate
  • Navigating the complexities of acquiring or selling a business
  • Attracting and engaging strategic acquirers or sellers leveraging our local and global networks
  • Identifying and mitigating risks
  • Applying our unique process to retain your anonymity while sourcing an acquirer
  • Negotiating the best price and transaction terms

Increase value when you acquire or sell

Sell your business

The majority of our work is sell-side working with SME’s in the enterprise value range of $3-$50M.

Acquire a business

We work on behalf of acquirers sourcing acquisition opportunities to support their growth strategies.

Preparing your business for sale

We hold Non-Executive Director roles on the board of many private companies, helping them grow profits, and ultimately become an attractive opportunity for acquirers.

30+ Yrs experience |  500+ Transactions | 30+ Industries


Servicing Australia and the U.K.

We bring our clients more than 30 years of M&A experience. With over 500 transactions spanning Europe, Asia, The Americas and Australia, we manage business transactions across a plethora of industry sectors. Our global presence helps us effectively leverage international relationships to source the best opportunities for your business. 

Oasis M&A operate Australia-wide from our Sydney head office, frequently travelling to clients acquiring or selling businesses in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, regional WA & NSW, New Zealand and beyond. 

Oasis Europe operates out of our London headquarters, with additional offices in Falmouth and Reading representing clients acquiring and divesting across the U.K. 

Sydney HQ
Servicing clients Australia wide

London HQ
Servicing clients throughout the U.K.

Mike McGrath meeting Queen Elizabeth

‘I know what it feels like to be outgunned by a larger corporate acquirer and frankly, there is no need to be.

At Oasis M&A we take a unique and highly effective approach to one of the most important decisions you will  face in your business life.’

Mike’s Story

In 1987 Mike started one of the first pizza home delivery chains in the UK. The business grew rapidly and by 1990 became the number two in the market with 84 outlets and 15% market share in the growing delivery and take away sector.

In 1992, Mike was approached by the market leader ‘Perfect Pizza’ with a view to acquiring his business. Mike entered negotiations with his small internal team and without any specialist M&A support. A deal was agreed, due diligence completed and contracts were signed that same year. Mike was 28.

With the benefit of hindsight and after engaging Oasis Europe for representation in a later business sale, Mike learned that he had made some important mistakes in his first business exit.

His apprehension that the number one in the market must therefore be the best (or only) acquirer was misguided. Similarly his concern that staff, franchisees and others did not discover his intentions was valid, but prevented him from approaching other potential acquirers and leveraging competitive tension to secure the best offer.

‘The Oasis proven formula of going to the widest possible market whilst maintaining our anonymity would have been key for us in the early 90s. There were several key players in the US at the time who would likely have paid based on our strategic footprint in the UK which would have saved them five years. We never even spoke to Dominos, the largest pizza chain globally at the time.’ 

‘The other key mistake was doing my own negotiating and not securing representation. Though I had a proven ability to rapidly expand a chain of pizza outlets in a growth market, when it came to selling a business I was completely out of my depth back then.

After working with Oasis Europe, Mike became passionate not only about how to create value through an enterprise, but how best to unlock that value at the business exit. Mike proceeded to build and successfully sell a number of businesses in the following years before establishing the Oasis M&A brand in Australia in 2009. Today, Mike and his team specialise in representing the shareholders of private companies wishing to increase then unlock value at the growth and exit phases of the business lifecycle.

Get in touch for a confidential discussion about your exit or acquisition strategy.

Meet the team


Mike McGrath


A career entrepreneur, Mike draws on over 30 years of real-world experience across global markets and multiple sectors to advise company boards and owners navigating growth and exit phases of business.

Warwick Pearce

Warwick Pearce

M&A Corporate Advisor

Warwick is a qualified lawyer and Chartered Accountant with over 20 years’ experience in both large financial institutions such as J.P. Morgan and KPMG through to entrepreneurial private companies advising SME’s.


Simon Voysey

M&A Corporate Advisor

Simon has enjoyed a successful corporate career and is currently non-executive Chairman of Genesis IT&T. MBA-qualified, he provides corporate advice in areas including Technology, Healthcare, and Professional Services.


Hayden Smith

M&A Corporate Advisor

Hayden has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Gonzaga University in Washington State, USA and has worked as an Equity Research Analyst focusing on micro and small-cap equities.


Don Hunton

Corporate Advisor

Don has been working as an entrepreneur, senior executive and Non-Executive Director for over twenty years. He has started, built and sold his own companies, as well as worked in senior roles for the likes of Disney, MGM, Viacom, GSK and RBS across Australia, EMEA and Asia-Pacific.

Derrick -De-Souza_729x410

Derrick De Souza

Corporate Advisor

Derrick has been a consultant to businesses for over fifteen years in finance, accounting, taxation, banking, and M&A. He is currently a director to several private companies in Australia and is currently a non-executive director with an ASX-listed company called Timah Resources Limited (TML).


Glenn Myhill

Corporate Advisor

Glenn is an experienced CFO and business advisor, he currently acts as CFO to several private companies in various sectors and has a very strong manufacturing background. He has previously worked as CFO for both multinational corporations as well as venture capital.


Chris Venter

Corporate Advisor

For over 25 years’ Chris has been working across EMEA and Australia in senior executive roles. He has expertise in manufacturing, agtech, mining, financial services, healthcare, and consulting. He has experience working with multinational corporations and as an entrepreneur, having founded several successful businesses.

Patrick Flanagan Oasis M&A

Patrick Flanagan


Patrick is a non-executive Advisor working closely with Oasis M&A on transaction, tax, and advisory work since 2010. Patrick is currently a Partner and Director at leading accounting firm, RSM.


James McGrath


James has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Macquarie University in Sydney. He works at Oasis as a research analyst supporting the Corporate Advisory team. His focus is small cap equities and mid and large private acquirers seeking growth through strategic bolt-ons.

Matthew Smith, Research & Technology Manager, Oasis M&A

Matthew Smith

Research & Technology Manager

Matthew began his technology career in stock control and logistics, and over the past ten years has become a specialist in digital operations. Matthew manages Oasis M&A’s technology and systems including the collection and dissemination of real-time M&A data from around the world.