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Category: Managing an SME

Valuations for tech start-ups fallen

Valuations for tech start-ups have fallen. Why? and What does it mean?

Valuations for tech start-ups have fallen. Why? What does it mean? Five months ago, the market sell-off smashed valuations in the tech. sector. Angel funds felt the brunt of the lower valuations and lower multiples. Many start-ups have lost out.
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Choosing between working from home, returning to office, or hybrid

What price would you put on working from home?

There's a “burgeoning body of evidence” that social media harms young people’s mental health and continuing to use it unjustifiable. This issue affects us all – what is reasonable usage and how much is too much?
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Future proofing your business through technology!

Business leaders know they need to embrace technology, and many of us are aware we should be doing more.
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What to do when approached by a buyer?

In speaking with a lot of owners of private businesses, I often hear stories of them being approached - seemingly out of the blue - by someone knocking on the door and looking to buy their business.
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The Art of delegation!

Successful businesses are often run by people who are very good technically who then develop the ability to work in a team before becoming leaders in their own business.
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When to sell? This year, next year, sometime… never?

This question was recently addressed by our European colleague John Willcox-Jones. We’ve shared his insights here because they’re very relevant to Australian businesses.
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Every deal is a triumph over adversity

I was recently interviewed by the Talking Law podcast. In our discussion Joanna Oakey and I talk about lessons learnt from doing deals in this time of COVID-19 pandemic, and what the future looks like for the mid-market in M&A.
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What the hell should I do? A guide to making decisions under pressure

We all try to use common-sense when making decisions, but this can be difficult during periods of turbulence and change. Read on to find out our three easy steps for keeping your head while making tough calls.
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Productivity in the New Normal

The article by Sabri Suby in last Friday’s Financial Review on productivity struck me, although not until Sunday when I sat down and read it!
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The Critical Components of Effective Leadership

Back in 2008, Michael McGrath first sat down at a kitchen table with Anthony Moorhouse, former Australian Special Forces commander and then owner and founder at the crisis management company
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First Rule of the Game, Stay in the Game

I was recently interviewed by the Talking Law podcast. In our discussion Joanna Oakey and I tackled some of the issues facing small to medium sized enterprises at the moment
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Where to now in the face of COVID-19?

I was recently interviewed by Joanna Oakley at The Deal Room where we explored the enormity of problems facing business owners trying to sell in the face of the Covid-19
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The Coronavirus and what it means for business

First Rule of the game is #StayInTheGame. As I write this on Sunday lunchtime, 15th March, things are moving fast. I spent most of the weekend trying to be useful
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How setting up a management board within a business can be a game changer

I sat down recently with Joanna Oakey from Aspect Legal and discussed a range of issues from starting out in business right through to succession and deal making. In this
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Staff motivation: the startling truth about optimising workplace performance – Part 3

Part 3/3 – How autonomy, mastery and purpose supercharge staff motivation To understand this article in context, it will help to read part 1 and 2 first.Part 1/3: ‘Why most
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