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Every deal is a triumph over adversity

I was recently interviewed by the Talking Law podcast. In our discussion Joanna Oakey and I talk about lessons learnt from doing deals in this time of COVID-19 pandemic, and what the future looks like for the mid-market in M&A.
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The Critical Components of Effective Leadership

Back in 2008, Michael McGrath first sat down at a kitchen table with Anthony Moorhouse, former Australian Special Forces commander and then owner and founder at the crisis management company
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First Rule of the Game, Stay in the Game

I was recently interviewed by the Talking Law podcast. In our discussion Joanna Oakey and I tackled some of the issues facing small to medium sized enterprises at the moment
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Where to now in the face of COVID-19?

I was recently interviewed by Joanna Oakley at The Deal Room where we explored the enormity of problems facing business owners trying to sell in the face of the Covid-19
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Entrepreneurship – What is it? Is it innate? Or must it be nurtured?

Entrepreneurship is a subject among several others which were tackled when I was interviewed by Anthony Moorhouse who himself is an entrepreneur and was a client of Oasis for over
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How setting up a management board within a business can be a game changer

I sat down recently with Joanna Oakey from Aspect Legal and discussed a range of issues from starting out in business right through to succession and deal making. In this
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A different approach to dealmaking

In a recent interview with Joanna Oakey from The Deal Room podcast I speak about Oasis M&A, our unique process, and why it’s important during transactions. In the second half
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Business lessons you don’t want to learn the hard way

I recently sat down with Joanna Oakey from The Deal room podcast and spoke about my experiences in the tough school of hard knocks including my early skirmishes with deal
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